Learn Basic Greek Language in a week [2] by Navid Homayoun

October 30, 2017

All right…you Greek language lovers. Here comes the second lesson on learning modern Greek. In the previous lesson you learnt how to meet and greet, in this one we will cover more Greek vocabulary and exciting conversations.

How you write it

How you read it

English  translation

Καλημέρα Νίκος. Πως είσαι σήμερα?

Kalimera Nikos. Pos ise simera?

Good morning Nikos. How are you today?

Γειά σου Ελένη. Καλά είμαι, ευχαριστώ. Εσύ πως είσαι?

Gia sou Eleni. Kala eime, evcharisto. Esi pos eise?

Hi Eleni. I’m good thanks. How are you?

Μία χαρά.

Mia chara.

Very well.

Που πας τώρα?

Pou pas tora?

Where do you go now?

Πάω στο μαγαζί. Εσύ που πας?

Pao sto magazi. Esi pou pas?

I am going to the shop. Where do you go?

Εγώ, πάω στον αδερφό μου, ο Βαγγέλης.  

Ego, pao ston aderfo mou, o Vanggelis

I go to my brother, Vagelis.

Πού είναι αυτός?

Pou eine avftos?

Where is he?

Ο Βαγγέλης είναι στο σχολείο σήμερα.

O Vangelis eine sto scholeio simera.

Vangelis is at the school today.

A few reading notes:

Itta (Η η), Yiota (I ί), and combination of Epsilon and Yiota (E+I, ε+ί) are all read like 'I' in the word ‘Exit’.

Omega (Ω ω) and Omikron (O ο) are both pronounced as 'O' in the word ‘Orange’.

The above conversation is a short and normal day to day talk in rather a formal and friendly manner. Now a few nice variations of the verbs to practice with…

How you write it

How you read it

English  translation

Εγώ πάω

Ego, pao

I, go

Εσύ πας

Esi pas

You go

Αυτός / Αυτή πάει

Avftos / Avfti paei

He/She goes

Εμείς πάμε

Emis pame

We go

Εσείς πάτε

Esis pate

You go

Αυτοί πάνε

Afvti pane

They go

Note that the letters in bold inside the table above, are the ones which make a verb perform differently. Now as an exercise, let’s practice with another verb below:

How you write

How you read

English  translation

Εγώ τραγουδώ

Ego, traghoudo

I, sing

Εσύ τραγουδ___

Esi …………………

You sing

Αυτός / Αυτή τραγουδ___

Avftos / Avfti …………..

He / She sings

Εμείς τραγουδ___

Emis …………….

We sing

Εσείς τραγουδ___

Esis ………………

You sing

Αυτοί τραγουδ___

Afvti ……………..

They sing

Some more verbs to practice with are in the table below:

How you write

How you read

English  translation

Εγώ βλέπω

Ego vlepo

I, see

Εσύ διαβάζεις

Esi diavazeis

You read

Αυτός / Αυτή βοηθάει

Avftos / Avfti voithaei

He / She helps

Εμείς θέλουμε

Emis theloume

We want

Εσείς πιστεύετε

Esis pistevete

You believe

Αυτοί πληρώνουν

Afvti plironoun

They pay

As you see different verbs have two types and it depends on every verb. The more you get exposed to the Greek language the easier it will become for you to use the correct version. We will go in depth with verbs and genders in the next lesson ‘Learn Basic Greek Language in a week [3] by Navid Homayoun’.

Now as a reward, go listen this beautiful song by a famous Greek singer ‘Nikos Vertis’.


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