Key Stage 3 SATs - English Reading test 2007

August 07, 2015

Learning Objectives

- To become familiar with the vocabulary of exam questions

- To assess your own work to help you improve

About this resource:

An introduction to the SATs reading test. Students are introduced to question key/command words, along with questions and analysed answers and mark schemes from the 2007 papers, showing where and how marks are awarded.

Command Word Jumble Game

A "command word" jumble game. Helps students understand exam command words, so they know what the examiner is asking them to do!

Practice Questions

Follow the link to the 2007 KS3 exam paper. Please download this before the lesson.

Work together using an example answer to Question 4. One example has been given 3 marks and the other example has been awarded 5 marks. Help a student understand why one was awarded more marks than the other, so they know what the examiner is looking for!

Last Minute Advice

A few helpful tips and reminders e.g. read the question twice, look for keywords etc.

Q & A

What have you learnt from the session? Write down one question! - Opens up discussion.


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