Discursive Writing Topics

December 11, 2015 Michelle F

Discursive writing topics for 11+ Preparation (St Paul's Girls)

Here is a list of topics that could be used to practice the discursive writing section that has been introduced by St Paul's Girls this year. There isn't much out there so I have collated the best ones I could find.

Should students be required to wear uniforms at school?

Are fairytales good?

Should you be permitted to choose whatever clothes you want to wear outside of school?

Should you be permitted to purchase or buy whatever you want to with your own money or allowance?

Are pets a good thing?

Should you be required to do chores around the house? Which jobs?

Does society have a right to put someone to death?

Should school hours be changed to 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

Should animals be used for scientific experimentation?

Books are better than television. Discuss.

Girls have it better than boys. Discuss.

Cats make better pets than dogs. Discuss.

Animals should not be kept in cages. Discuss.

Computers should replace teachers. Discuss.

School should be two hours longer. Discuss.


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