Animation of Cellular Biology

January 13, 2016

Full version (8 minutes):

Full, narrated version (A Level only):

Short version (3 minutes):

These videos are a great way to introduce the variety and complexity of cells to any student. Although the majority of organelles and molecules shown are not required knowledge until A Level (KS5), it still looks really cool and the tutor can point out key components and processes of the cell in an accessible manner for the pupil concerned. I find that it helps pupils to realise how exciting cells are compared to the extremely simple (and unfortunately dull) diagrams that are usually learnt at KS3 and 4. It helps to inspire some interest in biology, which can hardly be a bad thing.

The video is a story of a white blood cell moving through the wall of a blood vessel. It shows cell signalling, cytoskeleton structure, most large organelles, transcription and RNA polymerisation, protein synthesis and exocytosis. All of the structures depicted are accurate representations of real molecules, so the video can help more advanced students understand the relationship between molecular structure and function.

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