Coal Power Video

December 01, 2015

This video explains quite nicely how a real coal-fired power station works (Drax, UK). It links directly to the Energy Resources topic at KS3 and includes all of the major features required for KS4 (GCSE) such as:

- Burning of coal in a furnace.

- Water turned to steam in a boiler.

- Steam drives a turbine.

- Turbine drives a generator.

In addition it mentions modifications to improve efficiency and reduce pollution which offer links to topics in physics, chemistry or geography such as:

- Coal delivered by rail and train doesn't stop (conserves energy/ faster/ more efficient).

- Coal is crushed to give a larger surface area to react faster.

- Flue gases go through an electrostatic precipitator to remove particulates.

- Desulfurisation with a limestone slurry (prevent acid rain).

In total, quite a lot of the content of a GCSE science course for one 6 minute video.


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