7 + interview questions King's College School Wimbledon

November 28, 2015

The following are some questions from a recent interview (November 2015)

- Tell me about your family

- What do you do in your spare time?

- If you had £10 where would you go on holiday?

- What are you reading at the moment?

- Tell me about your current school

- What is your favourite subject?

- Read this passage out - (see King's papers for idea of level https://www.kcs.org.uk/sites/default/files/page/2552/Group%20A%20%287%2B%29%20Specimen%20English%20Paper%202013.pdf)

- Read out this list of words - (see above for level of words expected)

Interview format 

- The interview was conducted by one teacher and the student was paired with another student. They were asked questions individually 

Tips/ hints 

- Look at the materials on the website to give you an idea of what reading / vocab is expected

- This interview about personality / likeability as much as anything else. The student should be coming across as someone who the school want to teach

- Before interview, get the student to write down a list of all their achievements / things they are good at. Then use these examples in the interview!

- Body language, speed / clarity of speech is very important so be sure to practice this. For example, an answer should go on for no more than 20 seconds 

- Role playing the questions can be good. Get the student to interview you!

- Success in interview is not guarantee of a place!

- See a separate resource for 'model' answers to some of these questions

- Watch out for trick questions (holiday for £10)

- When interviewed with another person, make sure the student doesn't just copy what has just been said!

Resources others found helpful

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