King's College Wimbledon Maths Paper

July 31, 2015

King's College Past Papers

These are two sections of the sample Maths papers for 11+ entrance to King's College Wimbledon. This is not an actual past paper, but rather a 'specimen' paper written and provided by King's College. New papers are on offer each year, this sample is intended for entry in 2016.

How to Administer

Each of the two sections should be completed in 50 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes total). The number of marks available per question is not noted. Students should show work as they can earn marks for it, or lose marks for not showing work. Both sample papers are non-calculator.

When to Use This Paper

King's papers are challenging as entrance exams go. You will find it is significantly more difficult than an ISEB paper. Questions generally get more difficult as the paper goes on. These papers should be used toward the end of exam preparation, when students are likely to do well. As such, scores will be a more accurate reflection of how students will do on the day. Administering very difficult practice exams early on can knock a student's confidence and also wastes rare, difficult sample papers. 


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