Maths 11+ Revision Sheets

November 25, 2015

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Whilst these should not be seen as prescriptive for all exam/school requirements, they can represent a great place to start for you and your child/student as you consider where work can be focussed and how to ensure the most solid foundation from which to prepare for the exams.

Sheet 1: Times tables, simple decimal conversions of measure, Square/Cube numbers to recognise

Sheet 2: Fractions/Decimal/Percentage Equivalents

Sheet 3/4: Glossary of useful words to know

Sheet 5: Order of Operations, signs for multiplication and division, names of 2D and 3D shapes

Sheet 6: More conversions (inlcuding Time)

Sheet 7: Equivalent fractions 

Sheet 8: Results of operations (ODD and EVEN), Decimal Number System, Coordinates

Sheet 9-11: Geometry; Area and Names of 2D shapes 

Sheet 12: Prime numbers, Pythagorean Triples

Good luck


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