Tips on answering exam questions (Physics A-Level)

October 28, 2015 James L

The method I have acquired while studying for A-level physics and it has proved to be successful

  • Always look at the marks given for the questions and give an answer with the detail in accordance to these marks – i.e. no need to write a long sentence for a 1 marker question
  • Try to answer in bullet points for 3 – 6 marks description questions.
  • For the questions where you have to calculate a value of something (normally 3 marker questions):
  • 1. Clearly state the formulae you will use
  • 2. If you need to rearrange the formula to find the value of a certain constant then state it so:
  • 3. Clearly write down the values and constants already given in the question (e.g. .81)
  • 4. Show your working  outs in clear steps
  • 5. Do  NOT round up the values on your working outs. Only do so (to 3.s.f.) on the final answer
  • NB. Most of the times 2 of the 3 marks given are for the clear working out so even if you get the answer wrong you will still get 2 marks. (If you follow the steps carefully and take care of your calculations you weren’t get your answer wrong in the first place)


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