Piano Technique Stenography

October 14, 2015

Piano Technique Stenography (PTS) is the avanguard piano method conceived to solve every music passage in the quickest and easiest way possible, just by using clear and simple symbols written on the score to describe the right movements to employ.

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It is important to learn how to use these symbols to get rid of problems like unuseful tensions and tendinitis, loss of enthusiasm for piano studying and discouragement owing to a bad or limited technique.

Every type of movement, technique and arm/wrist/fingers position has a symbol. Some symbols can be combined togheter to form a sort of synthetic technique language. This system avoid any possible misunderstanding about what is the right technique to employ to solve a passage.

During my formative years I have experimented many ways of taking notes and converting complex concepts in symbols.

I started to apply this approach to piano technique since I was a student at conservatoire and developed the method over the following years.

I have been applying it with success since 2009.

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