Setting the standards of good web design

October 06, 2015 User 6

Tools to test your website.

Responsive web design, optimised build, progressive enhancement, accessible code and good web page speed are the marks that define the gold standard of state of the art web design and development. 
Here are five tools to test if your website deserves that stamp:

W3C Markup Validation Service
Is the HTML code valid to comply with the web standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C?

Mobile Friendly Test
Is your website mobile friendly?

Page Speed Insights
How quick is your website on mobile and desktop?

Quick Javascript Switcher
Does the website work if Javascript is switch off? A good website compliant with gold standards uses Javascript for progressive enhancement so works without it.

HTML Outliner
Is the content well structured according to the priority of the headings with h1 for the main keywords, gradually descending to h2, h3, etc?

If your website was built with Wordpress it won’t pass the tests. Wordpress websites rely heavily on Javascript to work. They also use third party plug-ins that Googles recommends not to use, one of the reasons being that they make the site vulnerable to hackers and also slow it down considerably.

There are smart open source web technologies that are built according to the gold standard of web design. Contao content management system (Contao CMS) is my favourite since I first used it in 2006. It’s a technology that is very intuitive, versatile and solid. It lets me develop websites to an exact specification, without the need for third party plug-ins.

It’s not only secure, but will pass all the tests with honours so it’s an excellent option for business, non-profit organisations, micro-websites, portals and e-commerce websites. I’ve built several websites with Contao and I’m looking forward to build many more. Web standards become second nature with smart web technology. 


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