Equivalent Fraction wall

October 04, 2015

I use this blank fraction wall to help children understand the idea that equivalent fractions are the same size even though they have different numbers.  They colour in all the fractions that are the same size.  For example I might ask them to shade all fractions equal to a half, a quarter etc.  I use a separate wall for each fraction under consideration.  After colouring them in, I get the children to write out each equivalent fraction underneath the wall.  We then we talk about any patterns that they can see in the numbers, and how these relate to factors, mulitples, times tables and division. Together we formulate rules to help identify equivalent fractions. E.g if the numerator is half of the denominator,  then the fraction is equal to half.  I have found that this visual aid helps children understand the concept more clearly before moving on to mental or written methods of finding equivalent fractions, where the numerator and demoninator are multiplied or divided by the same number.  


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