Reading List

July 31, 2015

Reading Recommendations

Year 6 (9-10 years old)

Almond, David                       Skellig

Blackman, Malorie                 Noughts and Crosses

Burgess, Melvin                     The Ghost Behind the Wall

Colfer, Eoin                            Artemis Fowl

Creech, Sharon                      Ruby Holler

Deary, Terry                           Fire Thief Series

Fine, Anne                             Upon Cloud Nine; Flour Babies

Funke, Cornelia                     The Thief Lord

Gavin, Jamila                         Coram Boy

Glass, Linzi                            Ruby Red

Gray, Keith                            Ostrich Boys

Hearn, Lian                            Across The Nightingale Floor

Hinton, Nigel                          Buddy

Lewis, C. S.                           The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

London, Jack                         White Fang

L'Engle, Madeleine               A Wrinkle in Time

McCaughrean, Geraldine     Gold Dust; The Kite Rider

Morpurgo, Michael                Private Peaceful

Naidoo, Beverley                  The Other Side of Truth

Nix, Garth                             Sabriel

Pullman, Philip                      Northern Lights

Pratchet, Terry                      Amazing Morris and his Educated Rodents

Sacher, Louis                        Holes; Small Steps

Sewell, Anna                        Black Beauty

Steinbeck, John                   The Pearl

Stevenson, Robert Louis     Treasure Island

Sutcliffe, Rosemary             The Eagle of the Ninth

Tolkien, J R R                      The Hobbit

Twain, Mark                         Tom Sawyer

Wells, H G                            The War of the Worlds

Westall, Robert                    The Machine Gunners

Year 7 (11-12 years old)

Adams, Richard                    Watership Down

Aiken, Joan                           The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Barrie, JM                              Peter Pan

Cooper, Susan                      The Dark is Rising

Crossley-Holland                   The Seeing Stone

Dahl, Roald                            Boy and Going Solo

Frank, Anne                           The Diary of a Young Girl

Forde, Catherine                   Tug of War

Garner, Alan                          The Weirdstone of Brisingasmen

Hendry, Diana                        Minders

Lowry, Lois                             Number the Stars

Morpurgo, Michael                 War Horse

Reid Banks, Lynne                The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy

Rowling, J.K.                         Harry Potter (series)

White, T.H.                           The Sword in the Stone

Collins, Suzanne                  The Hunger Games

Cottrell Boyce, Frank            Framed

Riordan, Rick                        Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

Zusak, Marcus                      The Book Theif



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