Logic Puzzle

July 31, 2015 Madeleine K

This 'maths' puzzle involves logical reasoning skills but no numeracy. Students must match 5 students with their favourite things.

Who owns the crocodile?

5 girls; who sit together (in a row) in maths, each has a favourite chocolate bar, colour, pet, hobby and place to visit. All the girls like different things.

By carefully reading the following list, work out who likes what...and who owns the crocodile?!

• Beverley likes Wispa Bites

• The girl with the hamster likes swimming

• Hannah eats Dairy Milk

• Phoebe is on the left of Georgina

• Lucy is first on the left

• The first girl on the right likes swimming

• The girl who eats Milky Bars owns a horse

• The girl in the middle eats Dairy Milk

• Phoebe likes green

• The girl on the left of middle wants to go to Tobago

• The girl who wants to go to the Maldives likes lilac

• The girl who likes Wispa Bites sits next to the person who wants to go to Florida.

• The girl who likes pink wants to go to Florida

• The girl who sits first left likes lilac

• The girl who likes blue owns a puppy

• The girl who likes skiing sits next to the girl who has a hamster

• The girl on the right of the girl who likes tennis likes horse riding

• The girl next to the girl who likes Milky Bars likes Boost

• The girl who likes purple wants to go to Canada

• The girl who likes Crunchies owns a rabbit

• The girl who likes skiing sits next to the girl who likes ten pin bowling

• Phoebe wants to go to Australia


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