Electromagnetic spectrum cards

July 25, 2018

Here are a set of cards to print out on the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

How to use

Print (better on thick paper if you have it)

Separate into 2 piles

1. the 7 parts of the E-M spectrum

2. all the different uses of each part (some are duplicated deliberately, because some things can be done by more than one part)

Memory tip

Our memory works best if we see a pattern.

There are some memory aids:

1. Remember there are 7 parts to the spectrum

The middle one is visible light

Visible light can be broken into colours of the rainbow (Red to violet)

So ... one side of visible light is infra red and the other side is ultra violet

So straight away you have the middle 3 remembered

                    Infra Red  ---- Visible Light  ---   Ultra Violet

Next to Ultra Violet are X rays and then Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays symbol is a funny looking Y


the ones beyond visible light are from near the end of the alphabet

   visible light ------- UV ------- X ------- Y (Gamma)

So that's 5 out of 7 remembered!

The only 2 remaining ones are:

Radio waves and micro waves

Radio waves are very long - up to 1,000 metres so they go first,

then next is micro waves

Microwaves are used in microwave cooking. The microwaves are absorbed by the food and change wavelength into their nextdoor neighbour in the spectrum - Infra red (heat)

Radio ----- Micro ------IR ------ Visible light ------ UV ------- X ------- Y


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