Photosynthesis and respiration memory cards

July 09, 2019 Michael M

Here is a sheet to print out and help you remember the formula - its VERY important to know it backwards and forwards.

Photosynthesis and aerobic respiration - in case you havent noticed yet, they are the same as each other just the reverse of each other.

If you learn one then you have learnt both.

Photosynthesis uses CO2 and H2O to make Glucose - and there are some O2 left over

Aerobic respiration just reverses it:

takes the Glucose and turns it back into CO2 and H2O - and needs to add some O2 because there is more O in Glucose than in the CO2 and H2O.

Why does it do that?

Plants use energy to make Glucose molecules

so aerobic respiration gets that energy OUT when it breaks the Glucose molecule up.

You are running on sunlight energy!

How to use the sheet

Print it out on paper (thick paper if you have it)

cut out the squares (there's enough for TWO sets of cards - be nice and share with a friend or keep as a spare)

instead of writing out the formula every time just jumble them up and then put them back together in the right order.

Challenge a friend (or yourself - it works both ways)

If you think you have 'got it' time yourself.

Memorising tip

Leave it for at least a week then try again - it's normal to forget after a few days, that's why it's really smart to revise important things after a gap of a few days.

Most stuff goes in short term memory and gets dumped after a few days. To get your brain to store it in long term memory you have to go back over it about a week later.


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