Maths for KS1 level

August 24, 2015

Maths 4-6 is a stellar application developped by a non-profit organization, "onebillion", all their profit from the sale of their apps is used to reach and educate children in developing countries. The app teaches most of the core topics of KS1 through a large number of different games. 

 After trying dozens, if not hundred of Maths application over the years, to teach my son Mathematics concept while keeping it enjoyable, this app come as one of the very best, together with a couple of other app that are added here:

A woman (or man depending on your choice) voice direct you through the games and explain the mathematical concepts being taught making this application very interactive. One very interesting feature of this app is that you can choose between 40 different languages for the voice, which is a great tools for every billinguale children or every children learning a second language. I used it with my son before he start school, not only it gave him a huge head start in Maths, it also improved his French, while always being seen by my son as a game.

It is a very good preparation for starting school and as a support for KS1, it may also be a fun way to revise core concept for children in KS2.

Please find the link to the website:

There are 18 Topics covered including:

-Shape and Position

- Counting to 20


-More counting 

-Telling the time 

-Add and substract

-Count in tens and fives

-How tall, how long?

-Count up to 100

-2-D shape

-Number lines


-Weight it

-More number work

-3-D shape

-Measure time 

-More + and -

-How much can it hold

Now each topics has 6 different games and a final quiz!! This means 108 different games and 18 quizz...

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