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August 24, 2015

Dragonbox is a stellar application developped by "We Want To Know" that teaches algebra in a fun way. After trying dozens, if not hundred of Maths application over the years, to teach my son Mathematics concept while keeping it enjoyable, this app come as one of the very best, together with a couples of other application that you can find here:

It taught my son complexe algebra without him realizing it, he still approaches it as a game with the purpose or freeing up the little dragon in the box. It is really smartly made and I highly recommended it.

It is a very good preparation for GCSE and to further enhance maths skill given the importance of algebra in Mathematics until A-Level and beyond.

Please find the link to their website:

The description for the game, which is taken from the website, is:

DragonBox is a series of learning tools for algebra that can teach anyone to solve equations by turning algebra into an intuitive and motivating game. DragonBox presents the player with whimsical icons that must be manipulated until the ‘Dragonbox’, representing the unknown variable, is isolated on one side of the game board. You might not realize that you are learning algebra at first, but you will learn basics such as balancing an equation.




Through the course of play, these icons are gradually replaced with numbers and variables until the player is solving real equations. The rules of variable manipulation are discovered through experimentation, and higher star ratings are obtained by manipulating variables more efficiently to isolate the ‘box’ in fewer steps. There are plenty of new worlds to be unlocked and dragons to be discovered, combined with the kind of intuitive feedback only a game can offer. We also providelearning resources and worksheets, so that you can be sure you have learned the skills necessary to solve any equation using pencil and paper.


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