Non Verbal Reasoning Tips

July 31, 2015

Non Verbal Reasoning Tips

See attached questions

Blue hints for questions: 1, 3, 5
Green hints for questions: 2, 6, 7, 8

Purple hints for questions: 3, 4

Black hint for question 9

  1. Define a Rule: OUT LOUD (actually put into words)

    1. For example “They all have four corners”

  2. Look for the MOST obvious qualities first…what stands out the second you look at it

    1. For example “Shape” or “Colour” or “Stripes”

  3. Check your rule against all of the given shapes.

  4. Check your rule against the answers

    1. If it’s right, you should eliminate all but one

  5. Compare small sections of the shape rather than trying to deal with the whole thing at once

    1. For example: both curves touch a straight line

  6. Analogies & Series are just a series of rules. Name them all

    1. For example: 1. turn to the right 2. swap dots for stripes

  7. Code: Combine 1 & 2. The ‘rule’ is matching a feature (most obvious) to a letter

  8. Cube nets: Sides separated by 1 square can’t touch. Look to eliminate answers where they do touch.


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