When do you use ¿Masculino o Femenino?

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Short guide to form masculine and fem. words in Spanish

This is a short and pretty straightforward guide to form masculine and feminine words in Spanish

By following this rule (there are always exceptions in any language, main ones highlighted below) you'll be able to form most of the Spanish words in their right article. Once you've past the first barrier trauma of ''how easy it is in English we just type 'the' and we get away with it'', you'll find these tiny rules really handy and easy to follow!

For any extra queries, tables and extra worksheets I am just one click away :)  Chris


-o,-e,-l,-r, days,months,rivers,oceans,mountains


-a,-ión,-tad,-dad,-tud,-umbre, letters of the alphabet

Excepciones Femeninas

la carne


la catedral


la clase


la flor


la mano


la miel


la noche


la sal


la tarde


Excepciones Masculinas

el avíon


el día


el mapa


Here's a Family members worksheet attached as well to get you going!



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