16+ maths papers and solutions

September 04, 2022 Tom L

A collection of maths 16+ papers, mostly with solutions, to assist students with their 16+ maths preparation

I have worked a lot with 16+ maths students. This page has 16+ papers as well as the solutions I have produced for many of those papers. More will be added as I create them. I encourage students to use these solutions only after having tried the papers extensively on their own first.

Please note that many of these solution sets are not fully-worked, only providing the answer so that it is easy to see whether a student's work is right or wrong. This is because I produced them in order to mark my students' work. I have provided them nonetheless to help students identify where their errors are. Where, having checked the solution, a student is still unsure how to reach it please do contact me if you need more help.

If you spot any errors or omissions on this page please contact me.

These two UKMT books are particularly useful for 16+ preparation.

First Steps for Problem Solvers (13+ but still useful as a warm-up before tackling the other book)

A Problem Solver's Handbook (16+)

Westminster Challenge and Eton King's Scholarship papers are also useful - please see my resource papges for those two sets of exams (which also include both the papers and my solutions): Westminster Challenge and Eton King's Scholarship.

16+ papers with solutions

Benenden Sixth-Form-Maths-2018

Benenden Sixth-Form-Maths-2018 solutions


Dulwich-College-6th-Form-Maths-Sample solutions


Haileybury-Maths-Lower-Sixth-Entrance-Exam-Sample-paper-2019 solutions

King’s Maths School specimen questions

King’s Maths School specimen questions solutions (by KMS)

Latymer 16_plus_specimen

Latymer 16_plus_specimen solutions


Shrewsbury-School-6th-Form-Maths-2014-2015 solutions

Shrewsbury Maths Entrance Exam 2018 (2018:2019 Entry)

Shrewsbury Maths Entrance Exam 2018 (2018:2019 Entry) solutions

Shrewsbury Maths Entrance Exam 2018 (2018:2019 Entry) solutions for B3 part d

Shrewsbury Maths Entrance Exam 2018 (2018:2019 Entry) solutions student copy (limited working)

St Edward’s 2013 maths

St Edward’s 2013 maths solutions

St-Edwards-Oxford-6th-Form-Maths-2015 for 2016 entry

St-Edwards-Oxford-6th-Form-Maths-2015 for 2016 entry solutions

St Edward’s Oxford 16-Mathematics-2016-for-2017-entry

St Edward’s Oxford 16-Mathematics-2016-for-2017-entry solutions

St Edward’s Oxford Mathematics-16-2018-entry

St Edward’s Oxford Mathematics-16-2018-entry solutions

St Swithuns – Scholarship examination YOE 2011

St Swithuns – Scholarship examination YOE 2011 solutions

St Swithuns – Scholarship examination YOE 2011 solution question 20

Tonbridge MathsYear12SpecimenA

Tonbridge MathsYear12SpecimenA solutions

Tonbridge MathsYear12SpecimenB

Tonbridge MathsYear12SpecimenB solutions

Tonbridge A additional questions by TL based on Specimen A

Tonbridge A additional questions solutions

Tonbridge specimen A further additional questions by TL based on Specimen A (no solutions)

16+ papers without solutions as yet




King’s Canterbury Sixth-Form_-Maths-2019

Rugby 16 Plus Maths Specimen Paper

Rugby 16 plus Maths 2 specimen Paper 2



St Edward’s Oxford Maths-16-2015



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