June 09, 2022 William M

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I am a Doctor currently working in Neurosurgery in Manchester. I have six years of tutoring experience having tutored over 100 students in Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

I previously studied at Oxford University where I acquired a BA in medical sciences. During my time at Oxford I worked in a prestigious research lab specialised in the study of addiction, and I am a published author in this field.

I have a proven record of helping students attain their goals, enabling them to achieve their target grades in GCSEs and A-levels, gain acceptance to prestigious secondary schools, and get offers from their universities of choice. Having studied at Oxford for three years and assisted in the interview process before, I have a vast amount of tips, tricks and expertise in making your application to oxbridge or medicine have the best chance of success possible.

I went to Henry Box School in Witney and studied Maths, Chemistry and Biology at A2 level and Physics at AS level and received 3 A*s at A2 and 4 As at AS, well as 12 A*s and an A^ at GCSE. I studied my GCSE's at a underprivileged and underachieving secondary school which endowed me with a hardworking ethic and an ability to better understand the way students of all abilities think and this allows me to have more success when explaining seemingly complicated topics in science and maths. Education in my view is not about giving the students the right answers, but about helping them to gain the confidence to reach the right answers themselves.

My research interests are in the field of addiction psychology and complex data handling.


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