December 15, 2021 Babad A

Maths Higher GCSE- Number

Here are the ingredient needed to make 6 hotcakes


Make 6 hotcakes

50g sugar

200g butter

200g flour

10ml milk

Peter makes some hotcakes.  He uses 15ml milk.

a)How many hotcakes does Peter make?

Asha has

600g sugar

1200g butter

1350g flour

430ml milk

b) Work out the greatest number of hotcakes Asha can make.


a) 10ml milk         6 hotcakes,                 therefore,

    5ml of milk       3 hotcakes.

If Peter is using 15 =10+5 ml of milk, he makes 6+3=9 hotcakes.

Asha is using 1200g of butter.

200g of butter                     6 hotcakes

1000g=5 x 200                    5x6= 30 hotcakes.


1200g = 1000 +200          30 + 6=36 hotcakes.      


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