11 plus complete verbal reasoning

November 28, 2021 James M

Suitable for state grammar schools, ISEB and CEM and private schools.


  1. riddles 
  2. gap fills - words 
  3. SPAG correction
  4. grammar gap fills
  5. codes
  6. sequences
  7. similar and opposite
  8. rearranging order of sentences 
  9. logic puzzles 
  10. odd one out 
  11. parts of speech
  12. anagrams 
  13. alphabetical order 
  14. missing letters in words
  15. hidden words in sentences 
  16. combining words


  1. You walk up to a mountain that has two paths. One leads to the other side of the mountain, and the other will get you lost forever. Two twins know the path that leads to the other side. You can ask them only one question. Except! One lies and one tells the truth, and you don't know which is which. So, What do you ask?

  1. What 4-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?   

  1. If there are four sheep, two dogs and one herds-men, how many feet are there?

  1. If you drop a yellow hat in the Red Sea, what does it become?

  1. A father and son were in a car accident where the father was killed. The ambulance brought the son to the hospital. He needed immediate surgery. In the operating room, a doctor came in and looked at the little boy and said I can't operate on him he is my son. Who is the doctor?

Hidden four letter word 

  1. The bear nearly caught the fish 
  2. Tom ailed towards the end of the race
  3. The cold water made me wide awake 
  4. I sent out the presents yesterday 

Gap fills 

  1. The man S _ C _ _ _  _ _ D to the disease 
  2. The boy P_ _ T _ _ _ _ D that he had too much homework 
  3. I wanted to S _ _ _ _ _ D so I worked hard 
  4. The planet was OB _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ by the meteor 
  5. The cave explorer was caught in a landslide and was EN _ _ _ _ ED by rocks.
  6. I will END_ _ _ OUR to get the work done on time.
  7. My trust in my plumber was MIS _ _ _ CED - he blew up my toilet. 
  8. I have EXTR_ _ _ GANT taste in clothes - I only buy designer brands.
  9. I DE_ _ _ E great enjoyment from playing the piano.
  10. many = P_ _ T _ _ _ A
  11. wise = A _ _ U _ E
  12. quiet = R _ _ I _ E _ T
  13. tempt - L _ _ E
  14. rebel = O _ _ R _ _ _ _ W

  1. Housing prices in London are quickly becoming EX_ _ _ I _ ANT. Climbing year on year, they show no signs of D_ _ I _ I _  _ ING.
  2. It is expected that a first time buyer will need to S _ C _ R _ a large deposit in order to purchase a home. Those working in low income jobs are therefore S _ G _ I _ _ C _ _ _ L _  impeded in their ability to afford a home.
  3. NE_ _ R _ H_ L _ SS, some commentators claim that this is simply a matter of letting market F_ _ C _ S decide the fate of those concerned. We are all at the W _ I M
  4. of the economy and the best option is to seek alternative income S_RE_ _ S and A_T_R our approach to savings. For example, those who can't afford homes may simply have poor money MA_ A _ _ M _ _ _ skills.

Grammar - choose a word to flll in the spaces 

  1. Raptors are vociferous/ vocal / varnished hunters. Among the most aggressive dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period, they operated / outlisted / outmoded in packs very effectively. 
  2. Despite / in deteriment to / during their small size they were strong and agile hunters, with an above average intelligence and killer instinct. It has been speculated / solicited/ sojourned that several raptors could take down a creature of much greater size, such as a T Rex. 
  3. The more minsicule / minimalised / monochrome of the dinosaurs included small bird like creatures and lizards, who would prowl / peer / prolapse around the undergrowth seeking / seaking / streaking prey.


  1. grit is to (resolve, dirt, steel) as remote is to (stern, isolated, hidden)
  2. blight is to (disease, darkness, solid) as remedy is to (hospital, tonic, boon)
  3. bane is to (annoyance, dreary, elastic) as blessing is to (heaven, boon, tire)
  4. strict is to (lenient, happy, precise) as dreary is to (dull, bright, open)
  5. garb is (clothing, liar, drink) as desolate is to (empty, clear, open)
  6. scarce is to (rare, plume, vest) as attire is to (clothing, vent, dim)

Logic puzzles

1.Rob finishes a race 4 seconds after Jamie. Jamie finishes ten seconds ahead of Sarah, who takes twice as long as Dave. 

What is the order of the racers?

2. On Saturday I eat twice as many cakes as Monday. On Tuesday I eat 3 more than Wednesday. Wednesday is double that of Friday which is 4. Wednesday is the same amount as Monday.

How many cakes do I eat across the whole week?

All dogs like to chase sticks that are thrown 

Dogs can bite you 

Dogs are mammals 

All mammals are noisy 

Only ONE of the following must be true 

  1. Dogs like to chase cats
  2. Dogs like to go to the park 
  3. Dogs are noisy 
  4. Dogs that like chasing sticks will bite you 

Missing 3 letter words 

  1. The boy lost his concentration MOTARILY
  2. I couldn't HOM what the complicated book was about 
  3. The new company was a successful INESS 
  4. The family were sick of the naughty pet and wanted to DIN it 
  5. The passengers waited PANTLY for the bus 
  6. The bridge looked like it was going to collapse - it was UNSLE

Combining words

Take one word from the brackets on the left and one word from the brackets on the right and combine them to create a new word 

  1. (break, all, rat)  (tap, far, ion)
  2. (rest, ram, fact)  (ore, aim, mar)
  3. (con, bar, my)    (sole, fly, in)
  4. (fir, at, oak)  (tic, men, on)

Gap fills with codes 

  1. moving (moth) thing      banker _______ thatch
  2. sling  (gliss)  glass           brass________ glove
  3. enter (team) amber          hare _________  alter  
  4. dart (cart) clan                 goal _________ fund 
  5. fond (nose) east           robe _________rear 

Sequences - what comes next?

  1. 1,8, 27, 64, __?
  2. AD,   JU, SL  __?
  3. Z3, W5, U7 __?
  4. AM, DK, GI, _ _ 
  5. AZ, BY, CX _ _ 
  6. AF,   BC,DI,  DE _ _  _ _ 
  7. AG DE  BH FG -_ _ , _ _ 
  8. 34, 42, 48, 52 
  9. CD EF GH IJ 
  10. 3, 6, 11, 18, __ , __ 
  11. AH, DK, GN, __ , __ 
  12. 26, 21, 29, 24, 32 


  1. TU is to UT as JK is to ?
  2. AP is to FN as PC is to ? 
  3. AC is to DF as JL is to ? 
  4. IU is to NP as GO is to ? 

Similar and opposite in meaning 

What pair are opposite?

  1. (dark,blue) (moderate, excessive) (strange, friendly) (road, tower)
  2. (empty, plethora) (shadow, growth) (meek, bold) (bane, happy)
  3. (into, across) (deathly, pale) (lucid, unclear) (plummet, hide)

Which pair are similar?

  1. (naughty, unruly) (crazy, angry) (maybe, seldom) (high, wide)
  2. (foolish, wise) (tidy, open) (broad, wide) (empty, despair)
  3. (uncouth, dire) (yield, open) (unkempt, dirty) (wane, grow)

Similar in meaning - pick one from each list of three 

  1. long, fat, rotund              harsh, thin, lengthy 
  2. dire, old, slow                   serious, obtuse, bland 
  3. rapid, generic, timely          swift, unusual, upset 
  4. fortitude, age, tear              entry, bravery, old 
  5. tepid, cyst, over                  beam, under, warm

Correct the SPAG - spelling, punctuation and grammar 

  1. The basketball shot from the side of the court was incredbly skilful - The crowd were amazed.
  2. Staying grounded is good advice in American football unless you want to jump over your opponent. 
  3. Scoring a goal - especially from long range; is difficult in ice hockey.
  4. Tennis trick shots are comonplace - Roger Federer is the master.
  5. Sporting acheivements such as these should not be undrestimated. 
  6. Who is the champion? asked the boy.

  1. The jet pack soared through the sky the spectators were amazed at what they seeing. The city spread below the pilot like a huge tapestry. Sunlight spilled calmly over the water and washed the beaches in rays of golden sun the man floated like a helicopter in one place and then zoomed off high into the sky - the engine hissed as he shot further and further; into the air. In the future travel such as this will be the norm, it will become the most convenient way of travelling ; especially around busy cities. The cost of the jet pack may be prohibitive though - it could be thousands of pounds which is just not practical for the average consumer. Time will tell whether the jet pack will be a success.

  1. Add ons are an important way for games manufacters to increase prophets. They add a huge range of functionality to games and can make them more enjoyable they are also a way to innoyvate games for example VR headsets are an example of more sofisticared technology the shear amount of accessories available now is massively superior to twenty years ago for example a wide range hard drives headsets and steering wheels this is possibly a sign of how popular games have become now comapred to the passed

  1. people say that computer games is bad for your health due to a number of reasons firstly they dminish the need for social interakshon after all if you are stuck inside playign games this lesons the amount of real socal contact you have with people there are concerns that a whole generation of people may become socially inept because of this Secondly brain develpment may be limited by games young people epecially adoslecents are developing all the time - what is needed is exposure to reading and studied as much as possinle wihtout this vocabulaty can siffer as well as gwneral intelligsence and ability Finally wel rounded people dont just sat around the house playing games it brreds a passive attitude to life and laziness. there is nothing worse than a lazy teenager and games do pormote this some say that games can help mental development and coordination for example the US army is using  first person shooting games to filter out candidates in terms of reaction time and pronelms solving It seemed that hte jury is out when it comes to the effects of games only time will tell

Please correct all SPAG in the below passage (5 mins)

  1. people have always wondered if there are life on other planets it is a matter of philusofical spekulation and it has introoged writers for well over a hundred years

  1. One candidayte for extraterrestriul life is Mars in previous centuries it was seen in contrast to today as a prime location as it was thought there were rivers and other sources of life however now it is clear that Mars is a barran plant devoyd of life

  1. It has been suggested that life, if it exists anywhere is most likely outside of our solur system perhaps even our galaxy if this is the case it is highly unlikely that humans will come into contact with aliens unless of course technolulogical advances make interstallar travel possible.

Rearrange the sentences so the words are in correct order 

  1. playstation can controlling tv your be your useful from 
  2. say some novelty  in the a dark that might controllers glow are  
  3. hack charging  is considered charger obvious your be too controller to  with your a phone
  4. can be a controller more dimming your  efficient on  use of light power the 
  5. a headset can through allow commands  multitasking voice 
  6. that seldom shareplay feature is a used is 

Parts of speech - please read the following and spot all the different parts of speech. Match them to the list below please 

The man ran quickly to the train station, dodging the vicious rain drops as he went. The sky was a deep and sombre colour and it was as if all the life had been drained out of everything. He glanced at the people - his fellow commuters - and looked away, avoiding eye contact with them. He found himself wishing he was on a tropical beach somewhere. He should rush on, but something stopped him. He sighed to himself - he must book a holiday as soon as possible. As he was thinking, a large splash of rain slapped him in the face, soaking his shirt. A flock of pigeons shot across the sky. “You must stop”! screamed the police officer.

  1. modal verb - MOCS - must, ought, could, should 

  1. definite article - 

  1. indefinite article 

  1. simile

  1. adverb

  1. plural pronoun 

  1. plural noun 

  1. collective noun

  1. conjunction 

  1. preposition 
  2. imperative verb


  1. The AUDACIOUS soldier attacked the enemy line alone.

  1. The behaviour of the children in the food fight was DEPLORABLE.

  1. Getting on the train every day is particularly MUNDANE.

  1. The deer was SPRIGHTLY and full of energy.

  1. The INDOLENT student spent all day lying on the couch. 

  1. The ERUDITE professor was a world expert. 

  1. The wind had a DETRIMENTAL effect on our tents. 

  1. I CONSOLED the man who had just been robbed. 

  1. The PONDEROUS elephant was unsteady on its feet.

  1. The FORERUNNER of the modern pen is the quill and ink.

  1. It would be TNEPDRU to save money in these uncertain times. 

  1. The SGLUARROU taxi driver didn't let me relax. 

  1. The brother and sister BDEBSALQU constantly. 

  1. A YCAPANCHO of noise crashed through the house when the roof collapsed. 

  1. To find LSOCAE I go on long walks in the country. 

  1. It is a TIGNLRFI matter to argue over which pen to use - they're all the same.

  1. The water was LATDUINNGU when the man fell in it

  1. The axe RHUTEDL into the can, spraying paint everywhere

  1. The bottle of coke was UCRESDH between the bowling balls 

  1. The TRAONTGI device sliced through the fruit 

  1. The video TETANINEEDR lots of people

  1. The more views, the more profit can be REAETENGD

  1. Slo mo videos have become quite a RTDNE recently 

  1. Such videos can have UEDITOCNAAL value - though some people say they are RTIVALI

Odd one out 

  1. dark, under, bright, cheerful 
  2. lazy, indolent, passive, sprightly, relaxed 
  3. into, across, after, in, twilight 
  4. run, jump, swing, answer, mellow 
  5. fast, quick, rapid, slow, brave
  6. he, she, it, them, those, when 

Move a letter from one word to the second to make two new words 

  1. hitch  ———our 
  2. wars ———— ear
  3. snack ————-wet
  4. tear  ————-vent

Find the missing letter that creates two new words 

  1. Hos ( ) here
  2. Mea ( ) ode
  3. Trai (  ) ore
  4. Mea (  ) east
  5. rea (   ) auve 

Codes - matching numbers to words 







  1. BENT
  2. TENT
  3. MAIN
  4. AWAY








Alphabetical order 


If you put these words in reverse alphabetical order, which one:

  1. comes first
  2. second 
  3. last 
  4. third 


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