Calculator, mean , variance , standard deviation

June 15, 2021 Babad A

The use of scientific calculator to be able to get mean, variance and standard deviation of a set of numbers.

How do I calculate mean , variance , standard deviation of a set of numbers with a calculator.

 Set of numbers        Mid points     Frequency       
    0<x<2                      1                    7

     2<x< 5                    3.5                10

What is the mean and variance of these numbers?

Using a scientific calculator, we first calculate the mid point of each interval by adding the 2 numbers and divide by 2. For example on the first interval, (0+2)/2=1.

We click Menu, and 6 for Statistics.  We click 1- 1-Var and enter the mid points of each intervals given. First 1 and 3.5. Then for frequency, we enter  7 and 10. We then click OPT and click 3: 1-Variable Calc.

A list of statistical results appear on the screen.  The mean is 2.47 and the variance 1.51, standard deviation is 1.23

Thank you for watching. I hope this help.

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