August 13, 2015


This booklet contains all the information and many of the resources needed to play Mathopoly.This maths revision game is intended for use as a fun revision session for year 9 students. It covers the topics examined in year 9: numbers; algebra; shape, space and measurement; and handling data. However, it is not all encompassing of the year 9 curriculum. The game is to be played in groups of 4 or 5. The game should be completed within a one hour lesson, but may be shorted if necessary. The questions cover levels 5 to 8. All level 8 questions are marked and, if necessary, can be removed from the game, depending on the ability of the group. The score sheets include a column for the students to record the topics of questions they have answered, in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses.


Included in booklet to print

Game board

Question cards

Score Sheet

To be provided by tutor

Jotting paper for each player

Place markers for each player

Felt pens

Dice x 1


Please ensure that the felt pens are the same colour as the place markers.


Print the following:

Game board (on A3 if possible, if not print question cards A5)

Set of question cards

Score sheet x no of students playing


Cut out question cards and score sheets.

Separate the question cards into subjects and lay face down on the game board.


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