Primary Logic Problems

August 13, 2015

Puzzle 1- Art Life

At a recent painting competition:

- Phoebe’s rendition of a Turner was not last

- Jenny only just managed to avoid last place and came third

- The lady who painted a Monet was very successful and took first place

- Azza beat the lady who painted the Dali

- The lady who painted the Van Gogh beat Beverley.

Who painted what; who won?





Puzzle 2- Top Tunes

For Christmas, six brothers and sisters received CDs as presents. The albums  were by Lady Gaga, Oasis, Justin Timberlake, Take That, Mozart and Katy Perry.

- Sam chose a CD by a solo female artist
- Chris did not chose Take That
- Alexis hates pop music but got the album she wanted
- Ozzie chose a solo singer
- Jan chose a female singer, but not Lady Gaga
- Ashton and Chris both chose CDs by bands
Who received which CD?

Puzzle 3- Ready, Steady, Slow!

At a recent snail race, the competitors had their shells painted to distinguish each racer.
The first four snails did well to finish ahead of the opposition:
- Sammy was not fourth
- The snail with a blue shell was not third
- Suzie was before the snail with a green shell
- Cedric came first
- Suzie finished before Sammy
- Super Star had a red shell
- Suzie did not have a yellow shell

What order did the snails finish? What colour were their shells?

Answers #SpoilerAlert

Puzzle 1:

1st: Azza painted Monet

2nd: Phoebe painted Turner

3rd: Janet painted Van Gogh

4th: Beverley painted Dali

Puzzle 2:

Ashton - Take That
Sam - Lady Gaga
Chris - Oasis
Alexis - Motzart
Ozzie - Justin Timberlake
Jan - Katy Perry

Puzzle 3: 

1st- Cedric/Yellow

2nd- Suzy/Blue

3rd- Sam/Green

4th- SuperStar/Red

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