Creative Writing

March 22, 2021

With every good storyteller, there is a good starting point. An idea or feeling, place or time, person or event. Once you're feeling inspired, then there's no stopping it. 
But with all good ideas, the issue is always communication. How to get what's in your head in others' heads. 
And this is where my magic tool helps. 
Write a list of as many human senses as you can possibly come up with. 








And there are many many more.

Now using this list, you may start with your description of your chosen scene. But of course, we're just at the planning stage at the moment, the 0th draft as it were. No worries about spelling or punctuation for now.
Once you have at least a few words, phrase, sentence or even paragraph for each sense, you're now ready to choose an order, perspective and tense, then your first draft will just have been pulled together out of thin air!

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