French L5 U14

February 02, 2021 Alain Dario C

French lesson that will suit a beginner, teenager aiming for GCSE or even an adult

Unit 14: A place I know

Aim of the lesson: To learn new French vocabulary, and use the new vocabulary in context.

The students will learn a particular structure that they could apply in other contexts too.

I prepared this lesson and it is available with mp3 file embedded in a  PDF. Thus revision and recall is at hand. All my lessons have audio files inside of them. This lesson is also available in PowerPoint format too, of course with audio files too.

It enables you to see the word, say the word and write the word.

Lesson 5

lundi 4 mai 2020

Lesson Objective: To talk about what kind of people go there. (a place: to study, to work, to have fun)

Success Criteria:
I can talk about different sort of people (different age groups)
I can say where different kind of people go (places for study, work or fun)


Words to describe people (different age group)
Les petits enfants        little children
Les enfants                 children
Les adolescents          teenagers
Les jeunes adultes      young adults
Les adultes                  adults
Les jeunes gens          young people
Les vieux                     old people

nursery - la maternelle

primary school - l’école primaire

secondary school - l’école secondaire

university - à l’université

different fields - différents domaines

a choir - une chorale

Vocabulary in a sentence

Les petits enfants de trois à quatre ans vont à la  maternelle.

Les enfants de cinq à onze ans vont à l’école primaire.

Les adolescents de douze à dix huit ans vont à l’école secondaire.

Les jeunes adultes de dix neuf à vingt quatre ans vont à l’université.

Les adultes de vingt cinq à soixante cinq ans travaillent dans différents domaines.

Les vieux rejoignent une chorale.

Multiple choice. (Read the questions and possible answers)

Check listening, reading, speaking and writing. You can always click on the cilp to listen to the audio to improve your pronunciation.

Quels genres de personnes vont là?

A. Les jeunes adultes
B. Les retraités
C. Les petits enfants

Quels genres de personnes vont là?

A. Les adolescents
B. Les enfants
C. Les vieux

Quels genres de personnes vont là?

A. Les adolescents
B. Les petits enfants
C. Les vieux

Quels genres de personnes vont là?

A. Les vieux
B. Les petits enfants
C. Les jeunes adultes

Quels genres de personnes vont là?

A. Les jeunes
B. Les vieux
C. Les petits enfants

Quels genres de personnes vont là?

A. Les enfants
B. Les petits enfants
C. Les adultes


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