Are your kids into Coding yet?

July 16, 2020

Coding is great for engaging young minds in so many different skills for the future:

Logical Thinking

Problem Solving

Pattern Spotting

Error Correction (Debugging)

Creativity and Design (Game making, Story telling)

Efficiency and Communication (Minimising Lines of Code)

I could go on and on. If you haven't come across yet then it's well worth checking out. Kids (and adults who may not have had the pleasure of learning these things at school!) are guided through well designed, engaging courses to help them develop coding skills, which are endlessly transferrable.

It is easy to set up safe, trackable and personal 'accounts' for each of your children, and their friends, in a 'class' and to set them challenges to complete at whatever level they wish to work at. AND IT'S ALL FREE thank to the generosity of the team who just want the world to be able to learn more and have fun. Amen to that.

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