Advice on public speech skills

May 18, 2020

• Please  give attention to lower jaw, to the way you open it, remember, just by putting two fingers on both sides between jaws ( whilst you are rehearsing your speech) you release all the tension of muscles in that area. It will bring out more vibrant, resonating voice. Your audience will love it.

• Please smile when you speak/sing, it doesn’t matter that the content of speech is sad or happy, it’s simply for the purpose of a good sound resonance

• Breath ( inhale) lower and faster. Then just exhale and place whole phrase on that air.

• Take your time ;-)) create gaps/ pauses between phrases (1–2 seconds). It will allow your audience to understand the content on a much deeper level.

• Please start to use your arms and body language.

• Project your sound further, just imagine that the person / audience , let’s say, is 20 metres away

• Try to explore different tempos of your speech, where you could work on your articulation and details, your breathing will work differently, while you are speaking in different tempos


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