Supporting the Dyslexic Learner

November 30, 2019

Children with dyslexia may learn differently from you. We will cover how to recognise different learning profiles, multisensory learning, age-appropriate reading matter and tools, note taking, mindmapping, making numeracy more visual and how to gather evidence that a child needs help and support.

There will be six sessions on Thursday mornings 10.00am to 12.00am

1. What is Dyslexia and Exam Arrangements - 30th January

2. Learning Styles - 6th February

3. Reading Skills - 13th February


4. Study Skills - 27th February

5. Writing Skills - 5th March

6. Developing and Supporting Numeracy Skills - 12th March

Each session costs £20 or £100 for all six sessions (email to register for six sessions).

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