Avoid Silly mistakes

November 07, 2019

Students make silly mistakes in exams. These can be reduced for sure and below are 3 ways to help students reduce the error rate particularly around silly mistakes:

1. To treat Mock and practice tests as the real thing. Take these seriously. Just like athletes do when they are preparing for a major sporting event. If students take these seriously, it will put them in the right frame of mind for the real exam;

2. Do workings. Workings and high quality workings are essential. They show all the steps required to get to the answer. If a student does have a "technical weakness", the workings will help in identifying where the weakness is;

3. Do Technical deep dives. Ensure there is the technical knowledge. For example, if a student is struggling with questions on Fractions, provide a large volume of straight forward and written questions on fractions to give the student additional practice. Then, in a few weeks, repeat the exercise.

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