i Flamenco dance resource !

June 01, 2019


For students studying privately with a tutor, this amazing resource can help supplement or support your lessons and flamenco education . 

This is an online class, which has a structured and well organised core programme for beginners up to advanced levels ,focusing on body basics, arm work, footwork, turns/ spins, contratiempo, Palma's ( clapping) the different Palos ( bulerias,soles, tangos,tientos etc) choreographies, lectures etc with bonuses 

Students can subscribe for a small monthly fee to access online graded material ,so one can work at one's own pace.  One can dance and drill along with her,or take notes and create a schedule to practice and improve 

Rina  Orellana is a superb teacher with over 20 years of experience ; she demonstrates technique , feeling and drills through her videos,with great patience, empathy and humour. She never rushes her teaching. She is a great explainer and stunning, inspiring dancer  She is currently based in Los Angeles,California.

Those who enrol on this programme can also join her closed Facebook page,where students can upload videos of their practice  

I can recommend this resource , as a current online student of hers. 

i Ole ! 

5 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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