7 Top Tips for Last Minute Revision

January 07, 2019 Tobias F

An article for students and parents going over some of my top tips for last minute revision and exam prep.

7 Top Tips for Last Minute Revision

Tip 1: Flick through your notes & textbooks to ensure you know all the formulae

In your notes, and at the end of each chapter, you will see a summary section which key formulae and concepts. Make sure you pay extra attention to these! If you didn’t know any of them, make sure you learn them!

Tip 2: Make Revision FlashCards

Sometimes, whilst revising and doing past papers, you will come across questions that you find difficult or surprising. Add them to a Flash Card (with the question / queue on one side and the solution / answer on the other) and read it on the day of the exam.

Tip 3: Past Papers, Past Papers and more Past Papers

Any Maths Teacher will tell you that that past papers are the BEST way to pass. Anyone who tells you otherwise is mistaken. Past papers are very accessible from the exam board websites and from many other websites. Do all of the past papers for your course. Try not to skip any, you’ll sometimes find they even repeat the questions!

Tip 4: Mark your work with an Iron Fist

When doing past papers, it is of paramount importance you mark your own past papers using the mark scheme. In case you’re wondering, “B marks” are independent marks meaning you give yourself the mark simply by writing the answer, “M marks” are method marks which are awarded for trying to use the correct method and “A marks” are accuracy marks which are awarded if you get the right answer AND you got the method mark also. When marking your own papers, mark harshly. If you are not sure if you got the mark, just assume you didn’t. More important is to make sure you learn from every mistake. Doing multiple past papers also gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with what the examiners are looking for, what they give marks for a what they do not give marks for!

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher!

Perhaps you may be on study leave now and will assume that you cannot go into your institutions and ask your teachers about any questions you may have. In most cases you can, so you should make the most of it! Hopefully your school will be running extra exam revision and booster sessions in the run up to the exams. Make sure you attend them all.

Tip 6: Get a Tutor

Private tuition gives you the opportunity to sit down with someone with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise on your current subject. They should be able to explain any and everything pertaining to your upcoming exam, and they will have the time to sit down with you and personally walk you through anything you need assistance with. This is usually impossible in a mainstream classroom setting, as the teacher will have to deal with up to 30 kids simultaneously and also deal with things such as classroom and behaviour management. Here on Tutorfair you can find some excellent tutors who really know their stuff. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your child requires tuition in Maths or Science.

Tip 7: Make sure you sleep and eat well in the run up!

Last minute revision and cramming actually works (although obviously it would be better if you mastered the material long beforehand). However, you should be aware that you can only go one or two days with little sleep before your brain actually starts to under perform. So if you are going to do an all nighter, then make sure you’ve already planned when you will catch up with the sleep. Or better, sleep properly and drink plenty of water. It will make you more alert and your revision will be more effective.


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