GCSE Revision: Poetry

December 19, 2018

From whose perspective is the poem written?

Does the perspective shift at any point?

Who is the speaker addressing?

Is this a personal or universal message? Or both?

What is the speaker’s tone like?

Does the tone shift or develop?

What are the central or most vivid images in the poem?

Does anything connect these images; are they interconnected or disparate?

How has the poet used language to convey their thoughts and feelings?

Is there a lexical field? Is the language direct or florid, slippery or concrete, figurative or literal? Both?

What kind of structure has the poet used to organise her/his thoughts?

Are there patterns in rhyme, rhythm or line lengths? Is this a familiar form, such as a sonnet or ballad, or is it free verse? How could the structure reflect the poet’s state of mind, or subject matter?

What contextual factors are relevant to the ideas expressed in this poem? What contextual information is reflected in this poem, or emphasised by it?

What do you know about the poet’s life, interests, background, friendships, concerns that could illuminate this poem further? What features of the poet’s society are reinforced or challenged in this poem?

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