Free Spanish websites for adults.

December 18, 2018 Ananda G

Free Spanish links-websites to practice and improve your Spanish.

Free Spanish links-websites to practice and improve your Spanish!

A selection of the best websites to help students to achieve their goals, being fluent in Spanish and speak as a local!

Complete Free Spanish websites/links' list 
Hola amigos,
Que tal?
I have created an article with free Spanish websites and links that can help you to learn and practice your Spanish.I usually recommend these links to my students as extra practise-exercises that really help them to achieve their goals.
I usually help students with their GCSE-A Level Spanish and they usually get very good marks, A*.
 I also help students to prepare their trips to Spain and South America and they can learn Spanish easily and fast. I have a very good material and my students usually enjoy it and speak with confidence in just few weeks, travel  and enjoy the Sun!
The more you practise , the more you will learn and you will feel more confident.
The more we enjoy with it, the more we relax and the more we learn!
I recommend you to watch this Spanish serie with Spanish subtitles:
It has different episodes so you can practise Spanish with it.
If you have Netflix, i recommend you to start watching a Spanish tv serie with Spanish subtitles called" Velvet". It is very entertaining and also some Spanish cartoons with Spanish subtitles.
You can listen to Spanish radio too, you can download the application: "Radios de España" on your mobile.
You also can listen to Spanish music :        and have fun!
The best way to learn and improve your foreign languages skills like Spanish, through the music videos and typing the lyrics of the songs.
Any questions, pls feel free to contact me, i am happy to help.
More free Spanish sites.
 Full Spanish movies with Spanish subtitles:
Pls, watch a movie from the list (in blue color) and after you start watching it and you stop it few minutes later, to see if you understood and after you can continue watching it again.
You can also read the Spanish subtitles aloud to practise your reading and Speaking.
This is the BEST LINK i found:
I recommend you to watch these movie titles mainly in blue color: 
Bienvenido a casa, Caótica Ana, Celda 211, Diarios de motocicleta, Diez negritos, El hijo de la novia, El laberinto del Fauno, El secreto de sus ojos, La vida es bella, Los dos lados de la cama, Los lunes al sol, Mentiras piadosas, Mi primera boda, Música en espera, Ocho apellidos vascos, Tocar el cielo, Un novio para mi mujer, Y tu mamá también.
SPANISH movies (sordos)
Nuestro hogar, El niño pelicula, El secreto, la ley de atraccion, Burnt, Esto es guerra, El arte del robo, Atrapado por amor, Pase lo que pase, Chespirito el chafle, Manos milagrosas, El charito de Chespirito, Los incorregibles, mi falso prometido, Only the strong, Pelicula completa extraterrestres, Vimanas enemigo sobrenatural.
Spanish videos with Spanish subtitles
NEWS, advanced;search%3Atag%3A%22spanish%22
Other websites for learning Spanish. vocabulary builder, verb drills, online Spanish dictionary, etc - games to learn Spanish
Spanish applications ,you can  download it on google store:
1. 24 hours, Speak Spanish
2. Spanish course, teach yourself. This is the app from our text book.
Spanish radio , android application on google store.
1. Radios de España
Spanish TV channels, android applications, you can download them on google store with your mobile or tablet.
2. TDT Android TV
3. Nube TV España
Other android applications:
Betty la Fea:
El chavo del ocho;
Gracioso , Cata 


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