The SAT Mathematics Review

July 31, 2015 Madeleine K

The official, 7 page, SAT mathematics review published by College Board


The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an standardised exam used primarily by American Universities to assess students during the admissions process. The exam is 3.5 hours and tests reading, writing, and mathematics. Further subject tests (called SAT II), including further maths, can be sat in addition to the primary SAT. The format of the exam is changing from June, 2016. The attached review was written for tests taken before June 2016.  

College Board

College Board is the exam board which writes the SAT. They also write american AP (advanced placement) tests. They have excellen resources for academic help as well as college admissions. Check out their website, The alternative to the SAT is the ACT (American College Test), which is administered by a different exam board. More info can be found at

Mathematics Review

This reveiw covers all of the maths topics on the regular SAT (not the advanced maths subject tests). It also breaks down what percent of questions are about each topic. There are examples for the more difficult concepts, and practice problems. You will get an idea of how questions are worded, and how the exam writers expect you to solve them. Topics covered include:

Number and Operation

Algebra and Functions

Geometry and measurement

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


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