September 04, 2018

  • Sustainable development is today a priority of the international political agendas, and  have been gaining progressive accessions, not exempt from criticism, and that have been concretized in regulations and in specific global agreements such as Biodiversity, Climate Change, Forests, Water, Soils, Education. These initiatives are contributing to a greater worldwide convergence on the instruments of socio-environmental planning.  However, that the base of the organization, production and consumption of the most developed societies harbor a myriad of contradictions within which has developed the concept of environmental crisis.  Thus, covers not only issues related to depletion of resources, the greenhouse effect, pollution of the seas and the general imbalance of ecosystems, but also economic inequalities, poverty, disparate distribution of resources, armed conflicts, equity and social justice.  Then it is important to consider Communications on sustainable development as an important tool that to be understood  needs from an interdisciplinary approach: politics, economy, cultural, social, environmental issues.

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