Physics Tutoring Jobs

Physics tutor in Canary Wharf, E14

Posted: 07 Nov 2015
1 tutor applied

Posted by: Lucas R

I need someone to help with circuits , starting with seven segments and so on .
Thank you

Physics tutor in Finsbury Park, N4

Posted: 04 Nov 2015
13 tutors applied

Posted by: Maria I

I am looking for a physics tutor for my daugther. Crouch Hill N4 4SB . Thank you

Physics tutor in Finsbury Park, N4

Posted: 03 Nov 2015
5 tutors applied

Posted by: Maria I

I am looking for a A level physics tutor in Crouch End

Physics tutor in G4

Posted: 03 Nov 2015
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Feras A


I have a coursework due to next Monday in Thermodynamics, and it has 3 main questions:
1. Gas Turbine Cycle.
2. Steam Cycle.
3. Combined Cycle.
Would you please let me know if you can answer them and explain them briefly to me?

Please text me via: [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] .


Physics (GCSE) tutor in Harlington, ub3

Posted: 29 Oct 2015
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Kumar S

i need a teacher on a one to one basis at home
for my son KARAN who is going to sit for GCSE next year

Please confirm .....


Physics (A-Level) tutor in Hall Green, B28

Posted: 27 Oct 2015
1 tutor applied

Posted by: Latisha M

Hi, my names Latisha I'm currently studying a foundation year in engineering and applied science, we cover alot of A level physics and maths, I struggle to understand small parts of different subjects and am ideally looking for someone who can just go over my work with me and explain it in more depth.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Physics tutor in derby

Posted: 26 Oct 2015
0 tutors applied

Posted by: Rob T

physics, electric circuits

Physics (A-Level) tutor in Ealing, W5

Posted: 26 Oct 2015
4 tutors applied

Posted by: Ada C

I wish to arrange A level physics lessons for my son during the half term break. Kindly reply to my message.

Best rgds.,

Physics (GCSE) tutor in Belvedere, da17

Posted: 25 Oct 2015
5 tutors applied

Posted by: Rooparani K

Hi All,

Hope you're well.

I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who has just started Year 11 at Dartford Grammar School for Girls (DGGS). She needs some help with Physics (GCSE) as she didn't perform well in her mocks.

Her board is AQA GCSE Physics.

She is free on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as anytime on Sunday.

I am looking to arrange regular classes leading to her exam

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind Regards

Physics (A-Level) tutor in Knowle, B93

Posted: 23 Oct 2015
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Balvinder D

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths and Physics tutor for A Level.

Physics tutor in Walworth, SE17

Posted: 23 Oct 2015
10 tutors applied

Posted by: Bilkis A

Hello ,

I'd like some help with my physics , I'm not terrible I just want some extra help so I can get an A* in my a levels.

Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) tutor in Guildford

Posted: 19 Oct 2015
0 tutors applied

Posted by: Rachel T

I am looking for some help for my son with his PAT. He achieved A* in both his Physics and Maths in the summer (including a number of 100% scores) but didn't take all his Further Maths and Computing papers as he was still recovering from glandular fever. He is taking a year out to complete these two A levels and is due to sit his PAT in couple of weeks but he has struggled a little with his health and his College have not supplied the support they promised. We live near Guildford and can travel if necessary.
Thank you

Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) tutor in Hatch End, HA5

Posted: 16 Oct 2015
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Amy F

Can you help my daughter with preparation for the PAT - a few sessions over the next couple of weeks starting ASAP?
Live in Pinner
Thank you

Physics tutor in Selhurst, se25

Posted: 15 Oct 2015
4 tutors applied

Posted by: Jason W

Hello i would like some tutorial help for my physics exam would like reliable tutor for regular 121 lessons

Physics (A-Level) tutor in Ig7

Posted: 14 Oct 2015
5 tutors applied

Posted by: Indie K


My son is looking for a tutor a level physics. Please advise what board do you teach?

Physics tutor in Chelsea, SW3

Posted: 13 Oct 2015
39 tutors applied

Posted by: Ossah F

Could you help my son who's stuck doing physics?

Physics tutor in West Brompton, SW10

Posted: 13 Oct 2015
11 tutors applied

Posted by: Ossah F


My son is studying product design and engineering and needs a tutor once a week. He lives in Chelsea. Could you help?

Physics (A-Level) tutor in Harlington, UB3

Posted: 11 Oct 2015
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Mas'ooda C

Hi there,

I am 17 years old and live in Hayes. I require a tutor for AQA A Level Physics (old specification) specifically the further mechanics part of it. I was wondering whether anyone is available, specifically Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, or weekends.

I would like to retake my AS exam as well, so if you could help please let me know.

Physics (GCSE) tutor in Belmont, HA3

Posted: 07 Oct 2015
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Carole B

I would like my daughter tutored in chemistry and physics.

Could you please call me so that we can have a chat.

Thank you

Physics tutor in Sheffield, S1

Posted: 07 Oct 2015
0 tutors applied

Posted by: Fofo R

i need helo about continuum mechanics, also help to explain to me about C++

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