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Our Cambridge Physics tutors can offer tailored private tuition at a range of levels from 11+ tuition, GCSE tuition, A-Level tuition and beyond. Search using your postcode and the physics level you are interested in to find the right private Physics tutor near you. Physics is the basis for Biology and Chemistry, using Maths to explain how the Universe started and why we are here. Physics trains the brain to be able to solve complex problems and it's a revered discipline, containing many transferable skills. It combines maths, analytical problem solving, self-study, other sciences and computer programming. These skills can open doors to many different fields of study and work, including engineering, medicine and computer science.

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14 Physics Tutors in Cambridge

Noemi H

5th year Cambridge medical student
I am a medical student at Cambridge University in my 5th year of training and would be delighted to tutor any pupils…
Physics (GCSE)
within a day
2.1 miles from Cambridge
£30.00 / hour

James G

Cambridge Engineering Student - Understands understanding :)
I am currently in the 3rd year of my Engineering degree at Cambridge University. Alongside my studies, I enjoy teaching…
Physics (A-Level, AS, GCSE, IB, Pre-U), Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)
within 8 minutes
148.3 miles from Cambridge
£30.00 / hour

Vlad I

Motivational Maths and Physics Tutor
I am a passionate and motivational Maths and Physics tutor, especially for A-level students. I have experience with the…
within 8 hours
0.7 miles from Cambridge
£44.00 / hour

Sreela J

Current Medical Student at the University of Cambridge
A friendly and enthusiastic fourth year medical student studying at the University of Cambridge. I have a strong grasp…
Physics (GCSE, IB, Pre-U)
0.0 miles from Cambridge
£29.34 / hour

Alfonso M

Physics, Maths and ICT tutor
As an engineer, I enjoy learning how things work and how science can help us understand the physical world around us. I…
Physics (A-Level, GCSE, Pre-U)
1.6 miles from Cambridge
£19.95 / hour

Chia Wei L

Physics (A-Level, AS, GCSE, IB, Pre-U)
0.2 miles from Cambridge
£38.12 / hour

Siddharth S

Engineering student with success in school Maths and Physics
Physics (GCSE, IB)
58.3 miles from Cambridge
£1.48 / hour