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Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines, from Newton to Einstein, physics is well respected the world over. Physics can often be seen as a challenging choice due to how comprehensive the subject can be. It combines science, maths, analytical problem solving, self-study and IT skills - these transferable skills can open doors to many different fields of study, including engineering, medicine, computer science and architecture.

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Jose Luis G

PhD in Quantum Physics, expert in Tutoring
Since high school I have been a bright student in science related topics, and usually my mates will ask me to help them understanding these subjects. So I have been teaching…
Physics (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB, Pre-U), Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)
within 3 minutes
£50.00 / hour

Indraneelan T

Communicative, friendly, enthusiastic and motivating teacher
I am an experienced and highly educated but accessible tutor. I specialise in engaging with students in order to help them connect with the work as I believe the role of a…
Physics (A-Level, AS, GCSE)
within 8 hours
£45.00 / hour

Anthony O

First session half price, please mention before booking.
I am a full time tutor with 8000 hours experience over 15 years. Being a full time tutor I am able to offer a very high level of commitment to my students throughout the…
Physics (A-Level, AS, GCSE)
within 4 hours
£49.95 / hour

Luke D

Physics phD student at UCL originally from Oxford
What I guarantee: 1) How to solve exam questions in the most concise way. 2) To explain the physical principles and 'ingredients' that goes into a particular…
Physics (A-Level, AS, Degree, GCSE, IB, Pre-U), Physics Aptitude Test
within 4 hours
£35.00 / hour

Tracy M

Hi I'm Tracy and I'm currently reading Biomedical Sciences at UCL. I got 2A*s in Maths and Physics and 2As in Biology and Chemistry in my A levels. I would love to…
Physics (A-Level, AS, GCSE)
within 12 hours
£25.42 / hour

Antony M

Dedicated, well-qualified and friendly Maths/Physics tutor
I studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, followed by two master’s degrees, and I have just completed my PhD in Mathematical Physics at Imperial…
Physics (A-Level, AS, Degree, IB, Pre-U), Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)
within 27 minutes
£65.00 / hour

Jamie G

Physics Graduate helping students to reach their potential
I want to use the skills and knowledge I have acquired to help the next generation lead more fulfilled lives. Tutoring presents a unique chance to enhance a…
Physics (GCSE)
within 4 hours
£25.00 / hour