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One man's overreaction to the problem of finding tutoring for his own children

Tutorfair was founded with a simple idea and a promise. We offer an easy way to find the best tutors, while giving free tutoring to students who need it most.

Every idea starts with a problem. It all began with Andrew looking for a tutor to help his son. Frustrated at the lack of an easy and transparent way to find tutors, he had an idea.

He found Edd, who was researching the education market and shared Andrew's vision for a website to help parents find and book the best tutors. But they didn't stop there...

They met Mark, one of London’s most successful tutors with over a decade of experience. He had a passion for improving the standard of tutoring and making it accessible to the students who needed it most.

So Tutorfair was born with a promise: to make tutoring more fair. That’s why every lesson today includes a donation that supports our charity.

Today our vision is helping thousands of parents find the best tutors. We have given thousands of students access to free tuition and inspired many of the UK’s top tutors to join the Tutorfair community.

We like to say Tutorfair is one man's overreaction to the problem of finding tutoring for his own children.

Today, we've grown to become London's leading tutoring marketplace
with over 19,000 tutors and over 62,000 students registered

We're a different kind of tutoring company