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Oasis Academy Enfield
Wilbury Primary
St Aloysius College
Highbury Fields
Highbury Grove
Central Foundation School for Boys
Westminster Academy
Pimlico Academy
Globe Academy
Harris Academy Peckham
  • “We’ve noticed a great improvement in students’ self-esteem and attitude to learning after they received tutoring. More please!”
    Harris Academy Peckham teacher
  • “Receiving a card and gift from my hardworking free school meals student was worth more than all my other pay cheques. I hope she gets the breaks she deserves, and if I have been a small part of helping her then that is wonderful.”
    James R., Maths and economics tutor
  • “It has been fantastic having the volunteers here,
    thank you!”
    Globe Academy teacher


11 Plus

11 Plus




University Applicaitons

University Applications

"I love Tutorfair's ethos and vision to not only make quality tutors easily discoverable and accessible for everyone but to be socially responsible from the outset and return this gift where it's needed most."
- Lindsay, Tutorfair parent

It all starts with you

  • Paid Tutoring

    A small donation is made to the Tutorfair Foundation with each lesson purchased through Tutorfair.

  • Professional Training

    Training is provided by some of the most experienced tutors in London. Tutors will have the best practices at their fingertips.

  • Programs

    Tutors work with inner-city students in small group tutoring or university application workshops. Bonds form, students are inspired, and tutors develop professionally.

  • Community

    Before, tutors didn’t have a team of coworkers they could bounce ideas off of or get feedback to improve. Now they do. Tutorfair tutors are different.

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“I love the idea ... wonderful concept. Wishing you all continued success with students that can flourish under the guidance of your outstanding tutors.”

– Eve C, Tutorfair parent

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