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Online tutoring jobs

Online Maths tutor

Posted: 04 Jan 2018
9 tutors applied

Posted by: Rose A

I'm looking for a Math tutor... in Elliptic curve and how to find torsion points

Online Physics (IB) tutor

Posted: 02 Jan 2018
9 tutors applied

Posted by: Asli H

I'm looking for a Physics (IB) tutor...

Online Computer Programming tutor

Posted: 02 Jan 2018
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Nick R

I'm currently looking for a C++ tutor, as I'm in my second year at Bournemouth University and have chosen a programming route for my course this year. I'm really struggling and way behind everybody else, however I have an assignment in for the 22nd January that I really need to pass. I barely know the basics of C++ as opposed to everybody in my seminar group.

Here is part of the brief for the assignment:

Design and implement a basic musical sequencing application using C++ Windows Forms that will incorporate the following key features:
• Loading of sequences from the hard disk
• A playlist consisting of all of the loaded sequences
• Transport controls to play the selected sequence:
• Play the sequence (using the Beep function)
• Pause playback of the sequence
• Stop playback of the sequence
• Skip to next sequence in playlist
• Skip to previous sequence in playlist

Please let me know if this is something you could help with.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Online Maths (GCSE) tutor

Posted: 01 Jan 2018
22 tutors applied

Posted by: Amani A

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor in Birmingham.

Online Computer Science (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 30 Dec 2017
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Hussein J

I'm looking for a tutor to guide me through developing a checkers game within python using the pygame module. I am unsure where to begin and have not started it yet. Please message me for a list of the objectives I would like to complete for the program and request a tutor with past experience with pygame. Thank you

Online Law (Degree) tutor

Posted: 29 Dec 2017
11 tutors applied

Posted by: Paywast L

Hi, I'm looking for a Law (Degree) tutor to help me with my contract and criminal law coursework. I am a first year law student at Brunel university and my coursework counts for 50% of our final grade this year. I have written the essays, so I just need essay feedback interns of structure and analytical and critical writing.

Online English (GCSE) tutor

Posted: 29 Dec 2017
39 tutors applied

Posted by: Jason H

Hi, I'm looking for a English tutor for adults.

Online 11 Plus tutor

Posted: 28 Dec 2017
12 tutors applied

Posted by: Najaf B

Hi, I'm looking for a 11 Plus tutor...I am looking for low charge as there are twins aged 8. One is gifted/talented mathematically and the other is above average

Online Primary (Primary) tutor

Posted: 25 Dec 2017
7 tutors applied

Posted by: Shahid F

I'm looking for a Primary tutor...

Online Biology (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 21 Dec 2017
20 tutors applied

Posted by: Carolyn F

I'm looking for a Biology (A-Level) tutor... for my daughter. She is struggling with exam technique and answering questions. Beth is free after 4pm everyday except Wednesday and Friday.
Ideally I am looking for an hour a week for someone to work through past paper questions with her.
Thank you.

Online Economics tutor

Posted: 21 Dec 2017
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Beata S

I'm looking for a Econometrics tutor...

Online Philosophy (AS) tutor

Posted: 19 Dec 2017
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Konstantin F

Hi, I'm looking for a Philosophy (AS) tutor...

Online IELTS tutor

Posted: 18 Dec 2017
24 tutors applied

Posted by: Dominik W

Hi, I'm looking for a IELTS tutor to reach band 7 academic for RGN regiatration. I speak pretty well, i am worried about writing part only.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Online Special Needs tutor

Posted: 18 Dec 2017
7 tutors applied

Posted by: Fumi O

Hi, I'm looking for a Special Needs tutor...

Online Web Development (Advanced) tutor

Posted: 17 Dec 2017
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Kuda G

Hi, I'm looking for a Web Development (Advanced) tutor to get a one of the templates working with back end and making custome changes to the template.

Theme is done on bootstrap 4

I can send the url for the theme. Can you kindly check weather you can help please.

Online Computer Science (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 15 Dec 2017
4 tutors applied

Posted by: Ahmad G

Hi, I'm looking for a Computer Science (A-Level) tutor...

Online Chemistry (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 14 Dec 2017
20 tutors applied

Posted by: Rubeena M

Hi, I'm looking for a Chemistry A Level tutor...can u teach it. My son is failing it! Can u teach A level maths?

Online History (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 14 Dec 2017
1 tutor applied

Posted by: Lucia C

I am currently studying Philip II of Spain (1556-1598) for A-level History (OCR) and was wondering if you would you be able to help with this?
Many thanks

Online History (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 13 Dec 2017
7 tutors applied

Posted by: Ian H

I'm looking for a History (A-Level) tutor for my daughter who is in final year doing AQA she has been ill and fallen behind on The Stalin part of the course and also has gaps in Reformation history in particular Mary Tudor and Edward

Online SPSS tutor

Posted: 12 Dec 2017
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Alan M

I'm looking for a SPSS tutor...I hope this email finds you well. I am a PhD student in Psychology and I am looking to get some statistical support with a randomised controlled trial that I have just conducted. I have carried out a mixed measures anova and also looking a mixed effects models in SPSS as a means of analysing the data. The RCT is relatively small (51/50) and the randomisation procedure has left me with uneven groups at baseline. I am relatively new to statistics but it seems that the unevenness of the baseline measures is skewing my results. I have carried out an ANCOVA which appears to rectify the situation pre and post but I want to take into account that I have 3 time points. When I use mixed effect modelling I appear to get inconsistent results. Can you advise on whether you feel you can help and if you have experience carrying out such analysis?

Kind Regards,