Maths Tutoring Jobs

Maths (Primary) tutor in Kidbrooke, Se3

Posted: 20 Aug 2018
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Mikko A

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths and English primary school tutor for my 7 year old son. We live in Blackheath. I like your profile, please get in touch if you are interested. Many thanks, Mikko

Maths (A-Level) tutor in Cranford, TW5

Posted: 19 Aug 2018
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Adarsh K

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (A-Level) tutor...
i don't mind either online or in person
as long as i get a in-depth knowledge

Maths (IB) tutor in Hampton, TW12

Posted: 19 Aug 2018
4 tutors applied

Posted by: Vaanee S

I am retaking IB Maths HL this November after achieving a 3 in May. Having been ill throughout the most of last year I require urgent help with understanding concepts and filling the gaps in my knowledge. I intend on having an intense approach in order to up my grades, since I'm fairly quick with my understanding but have been disadvantaged by circumstances. I'm aiming to achieve at least a 5 this November, and would love a tutor who can help motivate me to push myself and work hard these next few months.

Maths tutor in g3

Posted: 19 Aug 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Jade S

I'm looking for a Maths (s2) tutor...

Maths (GCSE) tutor in SW9

Posted: 17 Aug 2018
21 tutors applied

Posted by: Ahmed O

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor...My Daughter needs to retake her maths GCSE as she is preparing to go to University. We would really like you teach her so she can improve her grades.
yours sincerely,

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Ponders End, En3

Posted: 16 Aug 2018
6 tutors applied

Posted by: Mimi Q

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) teach my 15 year old daughter and build up her level for her maths gcse. I’m looking for 1 hour every Saturdays.

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Bedminster, BS3

Posted: 16 Aug 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Melissa K

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) tutor...I am due to be sitting a foundation maths exam in less than two weeks and I need someone to help me gain more confidence and to help with some subjects I’m stuck on. I require a tutor as soon as possible. Thank you.

Maths (National 5) tutor in G51

Posted: 16 Aug 2018
0 tutors applied

Posted by: Angela-jean C

I'm looking for a Maths (National 5) tutor... for a s5 child and s1 and s3 children.

Maths tutor in Hanwell, W7

Posted: 16 Aug 2018
14 tutors applied

Posted by: Asiya Y

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths tutor for my girl in y11 and 10

Online Maths (A-Level) tutor

Posted: 16 Aug 2018
47 tutors applied

Posted by: Marion F

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (A-Level) tutor. My son has just got a D in maths AS exam.
He wants to study engineering and needs a grade A in maths.
He has been doing well in maths throughout year 12 and perhaps needs a head start before year 13.

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Wanstead, E11

Posted: 15 Aug 2018
14 tutors applied

Posted by: Aurelia S

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (GCSE) well as the 3 Sciences and English. I would be grateful if you could let me know if you are happy to do home visits. My son is starting year 9 and I am looking for a long term tuition if this is something that you could do. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
Kindest regards

Maths (11+) tutor in M21

Posted: 14 Aug 2018
3 tutors applied

Posted by: Brigitta N

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths (11+) tutor...for my son due to sit the exam in September. He is very bright at maths but I have discovered that there is some gaps in his learning. I am terrible at maths so can’t help him! I am looking for someone to come every day to help him. For one hour. Also non verbal reasoning if you can help with that too?
We are based in Chorlton.
Thank you

Maths tutor in Canary Wharf, E14

Posted: 13 Aug 2018
24 tutors applied

Posted by: Tayyibah A

I'm looking for a maths tutor for gcse but seeing as I go to a boarding school 7 hours away from London I need someone who would be available when I come from hollidays. Currently I'm having my 6weeks holliday but I only have 4 weeks left and I am in need of someone to go over the parts which I found challeging from what we got taught in yr10. Also in October I will be coming back to (east) London for a week holliday and that will be the last time I will find help from others before my mocks as when I go back all the revision is of course down to me. If I could get a quick response it would be highly appreciated. Thankyou

Maths (GCSE) tutor in Thornton Heath, CR7

Posted: 10 Aug 2018
14 tutors applied

Posted by: Marguerita B

I'm looking for a Maths For GCSE tutor...

Maths tutor in Clapton, E5

Posted: 10 Aug 2018
11 tutors applied

Posted by: Sangeeta S

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths QTS tutor. would you be able to work with me. I'm happy to book a bulk session with you to get this passed as soon as possible. I'm happy to travel to you as i drive. i know Palmers Green area fairly well.


Sangeeta Singh

Maths tutor in Tooting Bec, Sw17

Posted: 10 Aug 2018
13 tutors applied

Posted by: Samantha T

Hi, I'm looking for a Maths and science tutor for my daughter aged 14
Going into year 10 to prepare for gcse. I would like someone to come to our house . Is that something you can help with ? Sam

Maths tutor in Fortis Green, n10

Posted: 09 Aug 2018
8 tutors applied

Posted by: Stephanie R

I'm looking for a Maths, English tutor...

Maths tutor in Peckham, SE15

Posted: 09 Aug 2018
16 tutors applied

Posted by: Michele M

I'm looking for a Maths and english qualified teacher for my 9 year old son who is approximately 1 acedemic year behind in progress.

Maths (Degree) tutor in Epsom

Posted: 08 Aug 2018
2 tutors applied

Posted by: Will H

Hi All

I urgently need maths help passing a University First Year Re-take entitled 'Numbers and Vectors'

I'm sure online tutoring would work effectively if you knew of robust software to use. I just need 40% in the exam. The particular areas that I am weak in that comprise the majority of the exam is computation of limits, sequences, series, sums of those series, convergence, divergence, ratio / sandwhich tests and vectors. ( a small amount of help on DeMoivres formula, and Eulers formula on complex numbers would also be helpful.) Let me know if you are interested

Maths tutor in Acton, W3

Posted: 08 Aug 2018
12 tutors applied

Posted by: Agata P

I'm looking for a Maths tutor for an exam. I prefer in Italian language, but if that isn't possible, it's fine also in English.

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