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Mark is a supertutor who tutors Maths GCSE

Mark Maclaine is one of Europe’s leading tutors, and has been featured in a host of national papers for his achievements in education.

The Maths with Mark course is for students who want to achieve a top grade in their Maths GCSE. Through a mix of interactive classes, practice worksheets and tailored support, we provide the knowledge and skills required to ace your upcoming exam.

Our lessons take place on Zoom, every Wednesday at 5pm.

Price for 1 lesson: £12.50
Price for 32 lessons: £400 £250

Your free lesson - what’s involved?

Over the course of an hour, Mark dissects one topic from the higher tier paper. Classes start with basic theory, before Mark leads students step by step through questions of increasing difficulty. By the end of class, students will be able to tackle level nine questions in the subject taught. Classes are interactive, and students can ask Mark questions if they don’t understand a concept. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what subject we’re covering this week!

What’s included in the Maths with Mark course?

  • Join an interactive class with direct access to Mark
  • 32 sessions covering the entire Maths higher paper syllabus
  • Question and solution sheets (designed to focus on achieving the top grades at GCSE Maths)
  • A personal login to a website with all resources and past lesson recordings
  • Unlimited lifetime access to resources and videos
  • A whole team ready to support you on your journey
  • Exclusive BONUS content (designed exclusively to help you and your fellow classmates to get the most out of this course)

This course is focused on getting a top grade in Maths GCSE. It is suitable for students sitting the higher paper, aiming for a 7 - 9.

  • "My daughter was really happy with the session today. Although she isn’t bad at Maths she’s not at all academic and struggles with motivation amongst other things. So when she told me she wants to join Mark every week she must have got a lot out of it. Thank you everyone for making this possible."
    Tutorfair parent
  • "I found the sessions amazing and really useful. It actually made me enjoy Maths so much more!"
    Sabiha Kahn
    Tutorfair student
  • "Thankyou so much for this and for all your help. You have no idea how much this helps me. I don’t find maths easy but you make it much easier for me to understand and the questions and answers are really helpful for me to practice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
    Tutorfair student
  • "We wanted to say a huge thank to Mark for providing these lessons! The format of starting with the basics and moving on to harder questions incorporating other areas of the syllabus is great."
    Tutorfair parent
  • "Maths with Mark is fantastic. He explains the topic thoroughly, is clear and shows how he gets the answers. It is also great having the videos so I can replay anything that i didn't understand. Highly recommend."
    Tutorfair student
  • "AMAZING - I really enjoy the sessions , they are really interactive and they seem well planned out . I'm super grateful for Mark and his amazing teaching it has really helped me improve my maths completely ! I’m really starting to grasp the content and understand all thanks to these fantastic sessions . 100% recommend them ! Definitely worth the money :) "
    Tutorfair student
  • "The sessions are well structured, excellent clear communication, friendly live easy-to-access on Facebook and via ZOOM. Both Mark and Asher are great, very efficient. Mark is easy going, polite, positive, energetic and always helpful! Each session has a paper that is emailed in advanced. My son finds these sessions very helpful. Highly recommended!!! "
    Tutorfair parent
  • "Super super helpful!! I find the sessions really helpful as I don't always understand things in class or the teachers can't get round to answering my questions and so having this resource and being able to ask questions is incredibly useful to me. Thank you :) "
    Tutorfair student
  • "Super helpful and supportive. fantastic math resource. Wish all teachers were this good."
    K J
    Tutorfair parent

Online Maths GCSE Course

Maths GCSE is one of the most important qualifications a child can gain in their academic career. It is used as a springboard into various prestigious universities and professions and can unlock numerous opportunities in later life. On the flip side, failure to attain a top grade can lead to severe restrictions on what students can achieve. It can greatly limit opportunity and shut off access to many jobs and universities.

Traditional tutoring is highly effective, however it is also expensive and isn’t accessible to all. That’s why we’ve created a course that mirrors the best attributes of tutoring at a fraction of the cost.

The Maths with Mark: ‘GCSE Mastery’ course provides live, interactive lessons with the opportunity for students to get direct feedback from the lead tutor. We supply students with worksheets for self-study each week, as well as detailed solution sheets which break down how each answer is reached.

The course is run by Mark Maclaine, one of the most highly acclaimed educators worldwide. He has been labeled a “super tutor” by a host of national newspapers and regularly teaches the children of royalty and celebrities.

Mark wasn’t a natural mathematician, and in fact, didn’t even enjoy Maths during school. However, over the past 20 years, he has developed a set of methods and insights that enable any student to succeed in their studies. Not only does Mark help students achieve exam success, but he also ignites a passion for the subject with many continuing to study Maths at a higher level.

The course is composed of 32 lessons, each covering a different topic of the Maths GCSE syllabus. It sits alongside learning delivered in schools, helping students to unlock a top grade (7 - 9).

    Course schedule

  • September Lessons
    Congruence and Similarity

    Wednesday 16th September, 5pm-6pm


    Wednesday 23rd September, 5pm-6pm


    Wednesday 30th September, 5pm-6pm

  • October Lessons
    Powers (Negative & Fractional)

    Wednesday 7th October, 5pm-6pm

    Multiples and Factors

    Wednesday 14th October, 5pm-6pm

    Upper and Lower Bounds

    Wednesday 21st October, 5pm-6pm

    Basic Algebra

    Wednesday 28th October, 5pm-6pm

  • November Lessons
    Linear Equations

    Wednesday 4th November, 5pm-6pm

    Fractions (Standard & Algebraic)

    Wednesday 11th November, 5pm-6pm

    Quadratic Formula

    Wednesday 18th November, 5pm-6pm

    Simultaneous Equations (Linear & Quadratic)

    Wednesday 25th November, 5pm-6pm

  • December Lessons
    Surds and Roots

    Wednesday 2nd December, 5pm-6pm

    Algebraic Proof and Iteration

    Wednesday 9th December, 5pm-6pm

    Standard form

    Wednesday 16th December, 5pm-6pm

  • January Lessons
    Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

    Wednesday 6th January, 5pm-6pm

    Ratio & Proportion (Direct & Inverse)

    Wednesday 13th January, 5pm-6pm

    Linear Graphs

    Wednesday 20th January, 5pm-6pm

    Area and Perimeter (3D Shapes)

    Wednesday 27th January, 5pm-6pm

  • February Lessons
    Pythagoras (2D & 3D)

    Wednesday 3rd February, 5pm-6pm

    Trigonometry and Further Trigonometry

    Wednesday 10th February, 5pm-6pm

    Angles in Parallel Lines & Polygons

    Wednesday 17th February, 5pm-6pm

    Circles Theorems & Equation of a Circle

    Wednesday 24th February, 5pm-6pm

  • March Lessons
    Venn Diagrams & Set Notation

    Wednesday 3rd March, 5pm-6pm


    Wednesday 10th March, 5pm-6pm


    Wednesday 17th March, 5pm-6pm

    Graphs & Transformations

    Wednesday 24th March, 5pm-6pm

    Inequalities (Linear & Quadratic)

    Wednesday 31st March, 5pm-6pm

  • April Lessons

    Wednesday 7th April, 5pm-6pm

    Velocity Time Graphs & Gradients

    Wednesday 14th April, 5pm-6pm

    Constructions & Loci

    Wednesday 21st April, 5pm-6pm


    Wednesday 28th April, 5pm-6pm

  • May Lessons

    Wednesday 5th May, 5pm-6pm