In the Press

The good news about Tutorfair is spreading. Here's what's being said:

The Telegraph

“ ...more enlightened tutor agencies are developing their own programmes to support disadvantaged pupils. Tutorfair subsidises free lessons for poorer pupils through the fees they charge their better off clients…Others should follow their example. ”

“ agency that provides free tutoring to children who cannot afford it, funded by those who can.”

“Thirteen inner-city schools select the children who will benefit most from Tutorfair tutoring, largely on a one-to-one basis.”

The Guardian

“The subjects pupils struggle most with and most frequently need extra help to understand include maths – which is the single most tutored subject, according to data from the private tuition agency Tutorfair”

“One-on-one learning is the most effective style of education.”


“The Tutorfair Foundation uses some of the money it makes from private sessions, to send tutors into inner London's most disadvantaged Primary and Secondary schools”

Video from BBC News

“[They have] pledged that for every student who pays, they will give tuition to a child who can't.”

Insights Success

“They have given thousands of students access to free tuition and inspired many of the UK’s top tutors to join the Tutorfair community.”

The Times

“Through the charitable wing of Tutorfair, the agency has given free help to over 6,000 students.”

“Tutorfair, a London-based company, offers free tutoring to one child for every pupil who pays.”

“Experienced tutors say they can bring up a subject score by an average of 30-40 per cent by seeing a pupil two or three times a week.” News

“Tutorfair, which has 38,000 tutors and gives free tutoring to one child for every student who pays, was praised as an example of good practice”


“...their commitment to helping children whose parents can't afford private tutoring, making them a case study of doing well from doing good.”


“An agency that provides free tutoring to children who can't afford it.”

BBC Radio 4

“Catherine Carr reports on the tutoring programme set up to include those whose families can't afford to pay.”

Life Magazines

“You can find inspirational tutors for every subject (such as maths, English, dyslexia support and music).”

“Trying to create a tutor-proof exam is like trying to create an education-proof one.”

The Financial Times

“Confidence coaching extension of the usual tutoring work, much of which already consisted of boosting confidence and “unblocking learning issues”

“Engaging a tutor is no longer seen as a slight on your child's academic abilities...”

“For every child who pays, it [Tutorfair] provides free tutoring to a child whose parents cannot afford the fees.”

Schools Week

“Organisations which work with schools to support pupils from low-income families, can help to ensure no pupils are being left behind as a result of private tuition.”

The Independent

“Reading, writing and Social Responsibility.”

Yahoo TV

“A firm intent on helping those in extra need of education.”


“Clients can also book sessions online, a first for this industry.”

The Sutton Trust

“We would like to see more initiatives where young people from less advantaged backgrounds get access to the sort of one to one tuition that others are able to pay for.”


“I like the website a lot, and I've got young kids!”

“Their "child for child" promise ensures that tuition is not just for "the privileged few" and replaces the X-Factor (X for eXpensive) with the Feel Good Factor. It's helicopter parenting with a conscience; the educational equivalent of off-setting your (naughty) air miles.”