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170 IB Biology Tutors

Shaun C

Full-time tutor able to teach students of all abilities
I am a full-time professional biology tutor and supply biology teacher for North London Collegiate School, and have been teaching biology to A level, IB and GSCE students…
Biology (IB)
within 8 hours
£52.00 / hour

Sonny D

Extremely Friendly, Qualified and Experienced Tutor
Hi! I’m Sonny and I have been teaching all Sciences and Maths for the past 5 years to students from primary school up to A-level. I am passionate about education and…
Biology (IB)
within 11 minutes
£60.00 / hour

Ainhoa M

Spanish/French girl studying Computer Science at NCLU
Hi! I'm currently a Computer Science student at Newcastle University. Although being originally from Spain, I've lived in France all my live so I am fluent in both…
Biology (IB)
within 1 hour
£20.00 / hour

Azin K

I am eager to teach you! Feel free to message me :D
My name is Azin and I am Persian, lived most of my life in Dubai, UAE. I am currently an undergraduate student at Kings College London studying Biomedical Sciences (3rd…
Biology (IB)
within 12 hours
£15.00 / hour

Abi G

Teaching Science (Biology and Chemistry) & Languages
Hello tutees, welcome to my page! I am here to help with your personal development, and achieve the academic success you deserve! Please see a brief chronology of my…
Biology (IB)
within 14 minutes
£31.77 / hour

Dhwani K

Friendly and passionate tutor for Biology and Chemistry
Hello! :) Welcome to my profile! I am a friendly and extremely motivated tutor who strives to tailor my lessons to the students requirements along with designing engaging…
Biology (IB)
within 8 hours
£30.00 / hour

Victoria T

Enthusiastic French native & biology tutor
Hi, my name is Victoria. I was born in France and moved to London to study Biomedical Sciences. Having been in an international school, I am bilingual in French and English…
Biology (IB)
within a few days
£16.00 / hour

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