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Contact tutors that you like by sending them a message through the website. It’s totally free to send messages and we don’t limit the number of tutors you want to contact - we want you to find a tutor who can help.

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Thousands of students have enjoyed one-to-one lessons with us, so we guarantee you’ll find the right tutor, or we’ll refund the first hour of your first lesson.

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Every lesson is tailored to you. Your tutor will prepare personalised lessons that will help you reach your goals. Research has shown that as little has 2 hours of one-on-one tuition a week can make on average 5 months’ additional progress.

By booking all of your lessons with Tutorfair, you are supporting our charity. A donation from each lesson helps us to partner with disadvantaged inner city schools, and provide free tuition to students from low-income backgrounds.

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We guarantee you'll find the right tutor, or we'll refund the first hour of your first lesson.

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Take a look at our recent reviews and press coverage

Mark M
Maths Tutor
A fantastic maths tutor. Mark has worked with us for many years and is a guiding light in maths. A really great motivator, and especially helpful for exam technique.
Review by Sophia
Viola N
English Tutor
Viola really picked up my confidence at a time when I gave up with English. She helped me build the skills that I struggled with for the course of my GCSEs.
Review by Naomi
Phineas P
English Literature Tutor
Phineas established a good relationship with my son and motivated him to achieve the A grades in all the subjects which he tutored him for.
Review by Linda
James A
Biology Tutor
The tutor was brilliant, nothing was too much trouble for him. he even contacted us after results day to find out how my daughter had got on.
Review by Jane
Isabelle H
Sociology Tutor
Isabelle was dedicated to helping me reach my full potential, she was particularly good at explaining theories and concepts to ensure I understood fully.
Review by Jaya
Tom S
English Tutor
Tom has been an inspiring and encouraging tutor. My son enjoyed his teaching very much and gained A* for his GCSE English Lit and English. Thank you Tom!
Review by Iris